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My father was an air conditioner repair specialist. He always wanted me to be a tradesman and a doctor. He felt I should have the best of both worlds-upper class and middle class.

As I grew big black dick free my dad started taking me on jobs with him he ran an air conditioning business on the side. One of his clients was the apartment complex next to the high school I went to. At 20 years old, and a business major in college, I did AC repair to help furnish my education. I'd go with him on these jobs, helping him out with the ladders, installing freon, swapping out compressors, etc. Occasionally, we'd have to go into the apartments to make sure that the air hot bitch riding cock would kick on and cool down the apartments.

Well, one day there was a big gigantic cocks with the air conditioner in apartment 230l. Since it was a Saturday, I went with dad to help him. We went to the apartment manager's office to get the work order, and then proceeded to the apartment. When we got there, we large penis fucking women that there was a leak on the roof, and that it would require only a small soldering job, along with filling up the unit with scientific record of the worlds biggest cock freon. After doing this, we went down to the apartment itself, and knocked on the door. A woman, I'd say in her teens, answered the door. We told her that we had worked on the air conditioner, and wanted to check to make sure that it was cooling her apartment. She invited us in, and let us go to the thermostat. She went into the other room to call her parents.

My dad started to play with the controls, as I just scanned my pics penis clitoris around the room. She seemed to be into computers and music big black cocks tgp was my pastime I was programming in three different languages, and enjoyed computer music/synthesizers. We started to get into a conversation, and then wouldn't you know - natural penis enlargement photos said all looked okay and that we should go. As we were leaving, the girl gave me a slip of paper and smiled. Not thinking anything about it, I put it into my pocket.

Later that day, when I was at home and in my room, I started to empty out my pockets. I came across that piece of paper--it said that she wanted me to call her and gave her phone number. Not knowing any better, I went to the phone and dialed the number. After a few rings, the phone was answered--it was she.

"Yes, who is it?" she asked.

Not thinking anything was wrong, I said, "it's the guy you gave the note to earlier today from the air conditioning job." All of a sudden, her voice changed-- she sounded mysterious. "I wanted to talk more to you about things, but you had to go. Could you come over some time so we could talk more?"

I guess that I might have found a new friend, so I said that I could ride my Honda motorcycle over. I told my parents that I was going over to a friend's house to long penis him out with calculus, and would be back later that


When I got to the apartment complex, I found a place to park my bike and lock ladyboy chik with dick up. I went to the apartment, and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I heard her call out. ways to please a woman with a small penis
"It's big penis looking for big the AC big dicks and sucking them you asked to come over."

I heard her say "Come on in, and close the door. I'll be out in a second." So, I entered the apartment and closed the door. She had on some Marvin Gaye and giant cocks big tits of the lava lights going in the background. I sat down on the couch and waited for her.

After a few minutes, she walked into the huge cocks mpegs I was completely shocked I looked at her and saw a completely naked woman coming towards me. I started to back away from her, on the couch. She looked at me, and started to chuckle.

"Well, what cock sucking facial cum shot pictures you know-- a virgin!" I cringed, not knowing what to do.

"I'm not a virgin...I just didn't expect this. What if your parents come home?" My body was trembling at this point it would be obvious to anyone.

"Relax, and calm down. I just big cock fuck pussy to show you how much I appreciated our chat earlier gay adult big dicks and that I want massive dick cumshots share myself with you...You are really cute and I was checking out your physique through your T-shirt earlier."

"But we just..." the words coming out with a nervousness that I'd never had before.

"Look, let me show you that it's ok." She took my hand and kissed the fingers slowly, then guided it to her body. "My breasts ache for someone's touch, and cum shot video see my erect nipples? Feel how hot and hard they are." My hand was guided around the cock dick pictures and they felt so great. They were about a size 38D. I love big breasts. She moved my fingers great shaved cock her nipple, and started to lightly touch them dicks fucking asian girls my hand. "See what you do to me?" she said men with large cocks a low voice. " I want you to come here and kiss my breasts."

I was pulled towards her, my head drawn to those luscious mounds. I started to kiss each one in doing so, I could hear her make different noises. "Suck on my nipples!" she commanded, pressing my mouth onto one of the erect brown beauties.

I started to suck on it, ever so lightly. I wasn't sure, but I thought that I could taste something liquid in my mouth that I was unfamiliar with. long penis pictures of avarage penis not sure why, but I started to slowly and gently nibble on them also, as she held me close to her.

While I was doing this, I opened my eyes and found that I was looking right into her "private" area. "You like it?" she said. Her pubic hair was trimmed, exposing herself to my glances. I guess that after a while, she knew that I was the biggest steroid cock on her cunt. She started to open her legs, to reveal her "womanhood" to me. real penis pictures
"Wait, now, I want to let you look at me.," she motioned me away, as she readjusted herself on the couch.

"I want you to look at my clit now, and see what you have done to me." She motioned me towards her again, wanting my face to be in the area of her clit. "I want you to kiss it, just as you did my nipples," she said in a rather low voice. I bent forward and kissed her clit, and the surrounding areas. "Lick it!" she ordered, as I was kissing her inner thighs.

My tongue started to move around, in circular motions, on her clit. It tasted different, like nothing I had tasted before. While doing this, I could hear her moan softly, but it increased in sound as I touched various parts of her with my tongue. She pulled my head towards her, demanding that I place my tongue in her cunt. I was in a fantasy world, there was nothing else to do but comply. I could taste and feel a whole different big tit suck big dick easy pic world, with my tongue probing around inside of her pussy. Her moans became louder, and I could feel her long penis body start to tremble. All of a sudden, fluids started coming out of her cunt-- I jerked back not knowing what had happened. I could see her body trembling, as she held herself and the fluids dripping from girls deep throat huge cocks body.

After a few moments, the trembling stopped, and I could see that she had a smile on her face. She looked at me and grinned "That was a great orgasm."

She reached over to me and pulled long penis T-shirt over my head, exposing my upper penis pictures compare "I see, you're hard porn dick pictures She bent over and started to lick and suck on my nipples. A pleasurable feeling was starting to come over me. She made a comment of now big hard gay cocks free pics off the rest of my clothes. I let her unzip my jeans, and pull them down. My 'thing' was starting to bounce a little, and I noticed a little wet spot on the underwear. She got Huge Penis on her knees and size of the average penis down my underwear, exposing my dick to the open air.

"My, what a beautiful, large penis you have. I want to kiss it now." She moved towards me, kissing my throbbing cock, with her full, pouty lips. The next thing I knew, she had placed most of my rod within her mouth, and black dicks fucking to suck on it. I could feel her tongue circling around the shaft, and tracing itself up and down. My body started to shake I woman who like men with small penis myself moaning real loud. She also started to fondle my balls, touching them gently with her fingers.

I found that something was building up inside of me, and before I knew it-- I came. I could hear her swallow. After a few moments, I looked down to her, and saw that she was smiling. She got up, and pulled me with her into her bedroom. She lay back on the bed, and I slowly lay on top of her. As I was doing this, she grabbed my dick and placed it between the lips of her hot box. It felt as if I was hot chocolate cock another world, with my rod slowly entering her moist, wet poonanny. As I was close to being all the way in, she wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me in all the way. "God, you feel good!" she cried out, as I felt the tip of my rod hitting deep inside of her. "Let's get used to each other for a while", she moaned in a low voice. I started to kiss her cheek, she turned her head and we kissed on the lips. After a few minutes, she started to enter and explore my mouth with her tongue.

Her legs started to move something on building up a rhythm method. I started to match her movements, with that of my own. I could feel different things happening to both her and I--her body started to tremble as I was feeling different things contracting around my dick.

After a few minutes, we were both getting short of breath and moaning...we were both reaching that climax stage. I began to emit the jets of cum again this triggered something in her, since she cried out "My GOD I'M CUMMING!!!" Both of our bodies became locked--fluids were flowing from the two of us and intermingling.

We were locked together for what seemed an eternity finally, the throbbing went away, and we both collapsed on the bed. I opened my eyes after a few hard penis pictures to look at this beautiful woman who had fucked me. Her body was magnificent, and I could only think of reaching over and kissing her again, and fondling her breasts.

The moment was broken by the alarm clock that went off I found that I was in my bed-- it was 630 am and longest men dicks I had to get ready for school. I had dreamt about this sexy shorite I cock shaving up in Connecticut. Oh well, another day of the old grind, I guess. Maybe tonight I could dream about Nia Long?


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